Get a Customized Student Debt Analysis

Let’s be honest — you didn’t go into teaching to get rich. Unless you’re working for a private school or for-profit teaching service, you’re probably never going to earn the “big bucks.”

So why do you have to deal with such a big student loan debt when your salary doesn’t give you the money to pay it back?

Fact: Elementary teachers have an average starting salary of $33,000. Student debt averages $29,400 per student.

You can see why paying your student loans back can be problematic, but Cambridge Credit Counseling can make it easier!

At National Public Employee Alliance we acknowledge the work of school district and public employees and the impact they make on a community at large. Therefore, through Cambridge Credit Counseling, NPEA members have a Student Loan Forgiveness plan to help them reduce or eliminate their student loan payments. Cambridge Credit Counseling provides you with a fully customized report so you can make the most informed decisions concerning your loan repayment options. They will help you identify all the repayment programs available to you, based on your financial situation. Plus, members can get a customized federal student debt analysis for just $29.95!

Repayment Programs include:

  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness for qualified teachers, state employees and nonprofit employees.
  • Income-based repayment plans to help make your monthly payments more affordable based on your level of income.
  • Student loan debt consolidation, cancellation and student loan forgiveness!


Student loan debt has risen 70% over the last 5 years
Cambridge Credit Counseling provides counselors, who will guide you through your options. In speaking with a nonprofit counselor they will evaluate your entire budget and provide you with the best ways to reduce your student loan debt.


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