NPEA Member Privacy Policy :


At National Public Employee Alliance we value the security of information each member provides. The only information that we store and collect is information that members have provided us. We keep this information as a way to better communicate with all our members as well as keep them updated on the latest products and services. We aim to tailor our affinity program around the preferences of our members and the data we collect is used to meet those preferences.

Members looking to join NPEA will be asked to register and provide information that is voluntarily submitted. Once a user is registered they will have access to member-only resources and offers. NPEA asks all users to provide a username and password, home address, telephone, e-mail and payment information for the service membership fee. Credit card information will not be disclosed. The information you provide for membership payment will be directly sent to the corresponding clearinghouse. All educators joining NPEA we will be asked to answer additional information, including school district, school type, school county and school name. This information is used to verify the occupation of educators joining NPEA and will not be shared publicly.

E-mails will be sent monthly to share our newsletters and keep members informed on member benefits. We ask for email addresses simply for sending newsletters, information regarding special offers and as promotional material for upcoming products. All email campaigns will be protected from illegitimate access. We do not use any e-mail tracking features. Information will not be collected from visitors. Information will only be gathered from registered users who have knowingly provided such information.

We do not disclose any private or personal information to any third parties.

We consistently test our technology to ensure the safety and security features. All our employees respect the importance of members’ secure personal information and at NPEA we continually protect the confidentiality of our members.

As this Site may contain links to other sites, please be aware that we are not liable for the misuse of personal information on other such sites and are not accountable for their privacy policies.

As member offers and products may change, we have the right to revise our Privacy Policy in accordance with other changes made to our website. We will notify members if there is a change to our privacy policy.

For any privacy concerns, please contact us at Please allow 3-7 business days for a reply to your request.