The National Public Employee Alliance has been dedicated to the public service sector for over 25 years. Our company culture is founded on the belief of bettering the lives of school district, public and non-profit employees and we continue to honor that through our insurance plans, financial services and membership benefits. We take great strides in understanding each client’s specific needs, in order to implement the most cost-effective and customized solution that allows the utmost coverage. We uphold the highest standards and business practices while meeting the needs of our public sector clients. Our staff collectively collaborates to provide incomparable programs that enhance each client’s ability to grow and succeed. Our clients will have access to multiple benefits and discounts, including Student Loan Forgiveness, Mortgages, Auto and Homeowner’s Insurance, Car Buying Services, Special Travel offers and a Member Rewards Credit Card.Ultimately, our mission is to adequately provide our clients and their families with reliable information and advice that will improve their economic security. Our efforts go beyond good, to offer exceptional results that are to benefit your welfare.

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  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Educators Professional Liability Insurance
  • Other Member Benefits


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At NPEA our mission is to bring financial security to all public employees, by offering exclusive financial benefits and through advocacy and support of organizations that protect public sector pension funds.


At NPEA our vision is to recognize and appreciate all school district, public and non-profit employees by offering them exclusive membership benefits. Our members are not only protected based on financial needs, but we sincerely endeavor to serve every individual’s needs and the needs of their family. We are committed to the continuous pursuit of providing the best and most cost effective solutions and coverage to give lifelong financial well-being to the public sector.


Our company culture depends on trust and we advocate putting your needs, wants and values as our foremost responsibility. We are devoted to engaging in finding the right solution for you and giving you the attention and advice you deserve along the way.


We’re dedicated to maximizing your financial security by providing you the most benefits and discounts available. We strive to accurately inform our clients of all the financial options that are available to them as school district, public and non-profit employees.


To fully understand an individual’s needs we make the effort to develop interpersonal relationships with our clients. We arrange our solutions based on the needs of our members to ensure unprecedented service and to provide the best value.