Legal Services

Members Receive Discounted Legal Protection Plans

We believe everyone deserves legal protection and that’s why we’ve partnered with LegalZoom and LegalShield so that members get legal services at a discounted cost.  You can get consultations when you need them and find an attorney who fits your needs. It’s fast and convenient because now you can access legal counsel and advice from qualified lawyers over the phone. In addition to your consultation, you’ll have access to downloadable legal forms, contract and document review and no hourly costs or hidden fees. Having legal advice at a discount can give you the peace of mind and security you need when facing legal matters. Whether it’s estate planning, tax advice, financial or employment issues you’ll be able to make informed decisions through LegalZoom and LegalShield.

Educators, professors and school employees are at risk for lawsuits from students, parents and even other faculty members. That’s why we offer additional protection with professional liability insurance. Eligible members receive professional liability insurance as an embedded service, that’s included in the membership fee. Coverage includes allegations of criminal conduct, claims of sexual misconduct and other allegations that arise within the course of your professional responsibilities. Coverage is up to $1,000,000 per occurrence. You get the piece of mind and security you need, without the expensive costs.


Members get 15% off their initial legal plan purchase from LegalZoom. You can choose a 6 month or 12 month plan to cover personal matters and coverage extends to your spouse and dependent children. If you own your own business you can use LegalZoom’s Business Advantage Pro plan for your business matters. Enjoy flat fee rates on document review and unlimited consultations from a network of attorneys.


Educators Professional Liability Insurance:

In the event you are facing a lawsuit that arises from allegations against you in your professional duties, you’ll have $1,000,000 of coverage through our professional liability insurance policy. Our policy includes different coverage options that provide reimbursement of attorney fees and coverage for costs of various legal fees. This embedded service gives you extensive security at a low annual cost that’s included in your membership.



Members have access to discounted family and individual legal protection plans. With these legal services you’ll get legal document review, unlimited personal or business advice and much more.