Health & Wellness

Staying Healthy Just Became More Affordable

Part of our goal is to ensure the health & wellness of our members. We know eating better can involve higher prices. What if you could catch a break by not spending so much to live healthy?

Nutrisystem is a leader in weight loss programs, with food plans that have over 150 foods to try from. By partnering with Nutrisystem we provide members with a discount of $30 off their first order and $30 off their second order, because saving money can go a long way. In addition, we have partnered with Thrive Market, an online marketplace that has organic groceries, vitamin products and wellness products that are 25-50% retail prices!


We have partnered with Nutrisystem to give you an even better advantage to losing weight and staying in shape. Nutrisystem uses portion control, frequent meals and balanced nutrition to help others live a healthier life. Members will get $60 off their first two orders when choosing Auto-Delivery!


Thrive Market:

Health and wellness is a rising trend and an important decision in everyday eating choices. Making sure you get the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals is crucial. Thrive Market eliminates the costly expenses of healthy products by giving free memberships to qualified NPEA members!