Financial Solutions

Providing the Financial Security You Deserve

The financial solutions at NPEA involve helping members, who are in need of debt management. All teachers and every public employee has worked hard to get where they are and for many, the debt arises from student loans. Our student loan forgiveness and debt management program are arranged to give you the most support and information you need to get out of debt.

Our financial security options are also available to help prevent any financial struggles, especially related to identity theft. Identity theft protection is a sure way to keep your transactions and financial records safe. Members benefit by getting free identity theft protection!

Student Loan Forgiveness:

We realize that student loan debt can be a heavy financial burden. That’s why we offer Student Loan Forgiveness as an incentive for members, to help them better secure their finances. With the help of Cambridge Credit Counseling, members can get a customized federal student debt analysis for $29.95!


Credit and Debt Management:

Managing your finances involves credit and debt management. Through our partner, Cambridge Credit Counseling, members will get the help they need to get out of credit card debt. You could reduce your interest rates and even save up to 25% on monthly credit card payments.


Identity Theft Protection:

To prevent members from becoming victims of identity theft, we provide measures that do more than monitor your credit card. With ID Watchdog, members get free identity theft protection that includes cyber monitoring, lost wallet and resolution services. ID Watchdog analyzes databases and transactions to detect identity fraud before it’s too late.