Debt Consolidation Loans

Members Get a 0.25% Discount on Interest Rates

Debt consolidation loans are another way to consolidate your debt and become debt free sooner. Since the loan periods vary between 1-5, shorter terms make the freedom of debt a closer reality. Consolidating your debt through a personal loan from BestEgg make it easier for you to plan your budgeting because they offer fixed rates. Personal loan fees and interest rates are also lower than other options, such as a home equity loan or cash out refinance. If you’re unable to pay your debt on time, don’t worry about bankruptcy because personal loans can be discharged.

Personal loans can be used to pay off any debt like payday loans and high-interest credit cards. Personal loans are a valuable way to consolidate your debt into one monthly payment. Through BestEgg, NPEA members and their families can get out of debt much sooner than they think. The best part is NPEA members get a 0.25% interest rate discount!


  • APR as low as 5.74%
  • 3 or 5 year contract
  • Loan amounts between $2,000-$35,000
  • 1% – 5% origination fee
  • Online lending platform
  • Useful online tools and responsive support

Consolidating debt with traditional personal loans

BalanceAPRTime FrameInterest
Credit Card 1$10,00014%28 Years$11,166
Credit Card 2$10,00018%28 Years$14,423

Consolidating debt with BestEgg allows you to pay off your credit card debt in one loan

BalanceAPRTime FrameInterest
BestEgg$20,0005.99%3 Years$1,901

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