Members Get a Free Debt Consultation

To help our members take control of their money and personal finances we have partnered with Cambridge Credit Counseling to give you the best services in credit and debt management. Members can now pay off their debt faster by consolidating credit card payments into one monthly payment!

Cambridge Credit Counseling is an A+ rated and not-for-profit company that works directly with your creditors to establish benefits to pay off your debt sooner. Benefits include reducing credit card interest rates up to 64% or more, saving up to 25% or more on monthly credit card payments and all members receive a free one-on-one debt consultation!

Cambridge Debt Management Program Benefits:

  • Interest Rate Reductions- Clients’ interest rates are reduced, on average, from 22% to 8%
  • Reduced Monthly Payments- Monthly payments are typically reduced by an average of $150 per month
  • Fast Debt Repayment- You could be debt-free in 50 months!
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