Auto Warranties

Protecting You From Costly Car Repairs

Buying a car is a purchase that you will most likely put to use every day. No matter what car you have or how much routine maintenance is done, at some point your car will need a repair and the costs of these repairs can do damage to your wallet. That’s why we provide extended auto warranties through Forever Car. We value our member’s peace of mind and know how important it is for them to have a functioning car to get to work every day. Now NPEA members can get a FREE 3 year Ding & Dent Plan through Forever Car. With an auto warranty you can properly safeguard your budget and be prepared for these expenses.

logo-top-2NPEA members will receive a free 3 year Dent & Ding plan and can have savings of over $350!

An auto warranty is an agreement between you and the warranty company, in which any repair or reimbursement that is listed in your contract will be paid for by the warranty company over a certain period of time. With auto warranties you can save yourself the money of unexpected mechanical issues or breakdowns. By purchasing an auto warranty today you can avoid paying higher rates because the rates increase as your vehicle ages and accumulates mileage. Forever Car provides a protection plan with the most comprehensive coverage and at the best price. Plans can include coverage of core components, comfort components and convenience services like lockout service and car reimbursement. Forever Car’s goal is to help you find coverage that meets your exact needs and present all the necessary information to give you knowledge, support and options.

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